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03 July 2009

Back to work (wht-chhhhhh..whip noise)

Rob has been back to his first day of work, and I have been in classes again since Monday. It's entirely amazing how fast information leaks out the back of my mind when I'm not continually stuffing it in the front. It's depressing actually. My exam turned out satisfactory, and I ended up ahead of the cohort by about 10%. So that's a relief. We have moved on from kidneys and the joys they bring, on to reproductive block. Starting way back with good ol' DNA. One. more. time. At least I can remember my cell cycle and how mitosis/meiosis works. So I've been reading up on the wilder stuff like Robinsonian translocations and chromosomes that get confused and become rings instead of linear. Crazy. And crazier yet is that your chromosomes can be really messed up ,and you can look and act normal. Or you can have the tiniest deletion, and be horribly disfigured or not even make it to birth. Wow.
Rob and I parted ways in Auckland on Sunday night, and I only cried a little on the plane. Having him around was wonderful, but makes it hurt a little more to let go again. On Wednesday I had a little crisis over it, which involved a little too much chocolate ice cream: heartaches hurt less when you have an accompanying stomacheache. My hips remain unappreciative.
The Immigration folks in Adelaide have sent Rob a note to let him know that his application is on hold INDEFINITELY. This is due to the current economic situation. They will only be processing state and employer sponsored- and while Rob met with some enthusiastic potential employers while he was here, none of the companies have a policy of sponsorship. Rob is too old for a working holiday visa, so we are a bit stuck. I have met with the local Senator's aide for our area, and he bothered to listen to the whole story, and will be looking into this for us. Cross your fingers, people. 'Cuz otherwise this may take YEARS.
Brisbane is lovely this time of year, with daytime highs of 21-25 oC, and nightime temps of 10ish. However, no central heating means 10 degrees outside= 12 degrees inside. Thus, I have a new favorite invention: the electric blanket. It fits on the bed like a sheet, and you turn it on about 20 minutes before going to bed. So toasty! My icicle toes are loving it. This inovation proved itself most brilliantly while we were in Waitomo, NZ. It actually froze that night- but the bed was wonderfully warm. Now they just need an electric nose warmer.

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