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07 July 2009

More “great” news from Australian Immigration

Got some news from the Australian Immigration department and I quote
"Based on current application rates for Groups 1-3, it is unlikely at this stage that applications which fall in Groups 1-3 will be exhausted in the 2009-10 Migration Program year and processing of Groups 4 and 5 will be delayed until this has occurred."

I am in Group 4, hurray for me.

Barb & I are looking into alternate ways of me getting there.  I might be able to get state sponsorship(Group 2), but that is a bit of a long shot.  I might also be able to go under Barb's student visa and then get a bridging visa that would allow me to work until I get my permanent visa.   The working on the government website is a bit unclear exactly how that works.

This is becoming very frustrating.  It's been a whole year since I applied and the Australian government keeps retroactively changing the rules.  I still have no idea when I'm actually moving there.  It would be really nice to actually live in thesame country as my wife.

Read all the full Immigration letter.

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