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08 June 2010

Exam-time Joy…

I am writing the first of 3 exams tomorrow. Each one is 2 hours long, and can and will be about anything from first year to now. I am more than a little stressed. I even got Rob to lock me out of my Facebook account to decrease the distractions. However, humour is always good. So here's a fun poem that's been circulating:

Twas the week before med exams,
And all through pbl
Some unshaven creatures
Are acquiring the smell

Of sobered up students
Eating things out of cans
Tired yet driven
To excel at exams

Saleem told us to study
Why did we not listen?
As we crack open our books
Some so new they still glisten

Gone are PBL triggers
And the comic relief
From our dear PBL groups -
Whom we part from in grief

Locked inside as we study
While winter doth fall
Waking from the best nap
Upon Guyton & Hall

To Matt Devine wepray,
For his knowledge and skill
As we cram everything in
To prepare for the kill

Exam 1 will come soon-
EBM is the devil
We’ll stagger out in the end
Looking doubly dishevelled

Hold off on the cheers
Don’t forget Exam 3 and 2
Two more nights of lockdown
Till sweet freedom for you

When it’s all handed in,
We’re 3/8 through the race!
Ask Santa for a Seven,
Now please go shave your face

And tonight:

"Now I lay me down to rest,
a pie of books upon my chest.
If I should die before I wake,
that's one less test I'll have to take!"

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