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04 July 2010

Canada Day & sort of a job

A couple of blogs ago I mentioned I had a job interview a at girls school.  I still haven't hear if I got the job, but they called be in last Wednesday to make a promotional video for a new school they are starting.  On Monday I am going in to do some more computer work.  Not sure if I have the actual job, but obviously they don't hate me too much.

On Canada Day we had a bit of a party here.    We watched the Olympic men's hockey game and then an episode of Corner Gas.  We barbecued, Barb made some poutine and Naniamo bars.  This is quite an accomplishment as we have been unable to find cheese curds (used soft Mozzarella) or graham wafers  (used cookie crumbles).

We thought about getting some Canuck beer.  I even found a company in Perth that imports Molson Canadian, but they wanted $90per case plus $30 shipping.  I figure $5/bottle is a bit much, but then again I case would last us months and months.  Either way It would of never of made here on time.

Barb was very giving and shared some of her Tim Horton's coffee stash.  I am informed that Timmies uses Colombian coffee, whereas most of the coffee here is Arabica.  I am told this makes a difference.  Although I actually enjoy the smell of coffee, I just think it all tastes like burn beans.

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  1. Brian found this new thing. It's tea beans. They bake the beans instead of roasting them. I haven't tried it yet, but I have a package waiting for just the right moment. It apparently tastes nothing like coffee. And it's white.

    Also? Happy belated Canada day!