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19 July 2010

Christmas in JULY!!!!

Rob and I have purchased a Christmas tree. We were actually driving to a fabric store (which would make your brain explode, it has soooo many different bits and baubles) (Second parenthesis: My husband OFFERED to take me to a fabric store. Proof positive he is nuts, or loves me, or both) and low an behold, we observed a large inflatable Santa on a low set building. This required investigation, as Christmas is a fairly big deal at our house. an hour later, we escaped with a seriously reduced price tree, and some lights and decorations. Now we need a tree topper. But I have 5 months to obsess over that.
And WAYYY to late, it was reported that I went to a conference in Mackay, QLD. This is actually true. It's just taken me this long to get around to blogging about it. About a dozen UQ med students were funded to attend, and I was one of them. This was asuch an amazing opportunity, as my budget generally doesn't allow for $1000 weekends. I had a chance to engage the Minister of Health (also the Deputy Premier) Paul Lucas, had coffee with the AMAQ president, created a press release with the RDAQ president and generally rubbed shoulders with the movers and shakers in QLD rural health. In addition, I had a chance to room with my good friend Rachel Norton, who is part of "The Sanity Crew" as we 6 or 7 students call ourselves. The sessions were on current issues in rural practice- emerging diseases, Indiginous health, maternity centres, etc. The entertainment was wonderful, and we even had an impromptu party in our suite with members of ALL the QLD med schools' delegates (I took a picture of the contents of the fridge, but will not publish them as it was full of booze- even though I was not). All in all, a fantastic weekend. Many thanks to Dr. John Hall for sponsoring my place there.

More photos

Oh, and via my friend Kiva-Marie: "Neuroanatomy on Monday morning is like tequila shots on an empty stomach. Seems like a good idea at the time. 'What's one shot of tequila?'/'What's a little neuroanatomy?' Lol. Fortunately, tequila goes quite well with salty & greasy food - and SO DOES NEUROANATOMY. It is amazing how much better something gets when combined with chips and aioli!" Just thought I would leave you with a small picture of where my life has devolved to.

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