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18 October 2010

Rural Health Trip to Santhorpe

  Barb has been on several trips with the fellow med students to rural hospitals and such all around Queensland.  For the first time I was able to tag along.  It was a wee bit of an adventure.

  First off, we found out about half way there that we we supposed to bring fancy clothes for the supper that night.  Barb had to pick up a dress and I a tie at Target in Toowoomba.  We changed at McDonalds.  After the dinner and keynote address, we found out that we were supposed have brought a sleeping bag as we were staying a Camp Toowoomba the first night.  Lucky Brody brought a few extra and Barb & I shared one sleeping bag.

  The next day was the drive to Stanthorpe.  We we supposed to go to the horse races that day, but the excess rain canceled them.  Instead we went on a tour of the wineries in the area.  We ended up going to three wineries; had lunch in one and dinner at another.  We also stopped for dessert at "The Bramble Patch".  All in all a very pleasant day.

  The photos for the weekend are now up at the website:

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  1. Yay! I can comment now! (with wordpress there were too many hoops) Looks like a great time, even with all of the glitches. My fave pics were the panoramic dinner one, the double-whammy hug, and the great signage.