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07 October 2010

News for 6 Oct

Here I am on my day off.  Normally I work Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, but because school just started up this week I went to work on Monday to deal with all the start of term emergencies.  This week I will be on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.  So far I am enjoying working at the school.  Everyday is different and I get to work on a variety of things from setting up new network users to creating websites to moving furniture.  They are in the process of starting a new school for next year, so I have been able to help with that.  So far, I've designed business cards, helped with the brochure, made a promo video and in the process of making a website.  The news school is called Hymba Yumba.

I've also been able to play with graphic arts with our church.  I've been video taping the sermons, editing and uploading them.  You can see it at:

I have to admit the seasons here are very confusing for my Canadian head.  There is not a huge change from winter to spring to summer.  I know it's October, but it doesn't "feel" like October; no fall leaves, no slowly getting colder.  We are having a Thanksgiving dinner here on Saturday but it does seem like Thanksgiving time.  Also, we saw the first of the Christmas goodies at the grocery store yesterday; candy canes, fruit cake etc.  Christmas is a summer holiday here, no snow, no snowmen, no walking out into the bush to cut down a tree.  I guess eventually it will all make sense.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, we are planning to have a big meal here on Saturday.  We ordered a 7kg turkey from the butcher, and invited some friends over.  Barb got a bit carried away and now we have about 16 people coming.  It will be crowded in here.  Should also be a blast.

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