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30 September 2010

TP, Deodorant and other Neuroses

There are a few things I never let myself run out of. Toilet paper is a big one, and stick deodorant is the other. I don't care near as much about bread, toothpaste, milk or feminine products as my Soft and Dri stick. Rob has laughed at me for years for having usually 2-3 spares. Now that we're in Aus, stick deodorant is virtually non existent, with the main types being spray and roller (EEEWWWW). The thought of putting a slimy rollerball in my pits is enough to make me nauseous. So before leaving Canada, I bought 10, count them, TEN sticks of deodorant to last me a while (WAAAAAY more important than clothes to pack!). I still have 4 left, so my calm is not yet damaged. I never thought Soft and Dristick with powerstripe (in passionflower scent) was a good Christmas gift until this year. Even more amusing, I played a game with myself this week, watching the rolls of TP slowly disappear and gauging my anxiety about it. I tend to never let the "Roll call" drop below 5 before purchasing a new batch. This week we got down to 2 left before I cracked. You have no idea the sense of relief that putting the new 12 pack of TP in the grocery cart gave me. WHEW!!! I don't have a brand loyalty on this one, and thankfully TP is ubiquitous in first world nations. So there's one scary little corner of my mind you have now visited.
As far as the latest news, I was able to attend a med conference in Goondiwindi (or "Gundy" as the locals call it) with excellent speakers and good networking opportunities. Best of all, it was all expenses paid for myself and about 15 students from all over the state. I got to meet John and Jill Murtaugh, who authored one of my textbooks. He and his wife were wonderful speakers and people, and were a joy to get to know. Jill later mailed me some palliative care resources and an encouraging letter. So a very positive experience. I put some photos up on the photo page from the weekend.
I also managed to experience food poisoning last Saturday, and will now never forget the effects of Enterotoxin B, courtesy of Staph aureus. Blech.
In kitty news, Rosie is really cute and really destructive. Most of my notes now have holepunching that is kitten tooth sized. She also has a fondness for munching cables, and has made several pieces out of my cell charger cable and Rob's laptop charger cable. Chewed right through the copper wiring. Both were plugged in at the time, so it's a wonder she didn't electrocute herself. I guess babies are challenging no matter their species. Also , one of my best friends had to put down her furry buddy of 12 years this week. It's so painful to lose these animals, even though they are just that. It made memories of putting down my 14 yr old Siamese-Himalayan friend in 2004 very fresh. So she and I cried together over the phone and the miles.
This week I have an exam on Friday, as well as 2 job interviews for work over the Christmas break. No pressure!

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