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29 June 2011

Comings and Goings

  It's Tuesday and already and interesting week.  On Monday I started a second job.  I am working one day a week at the sister school to where I work now.  (Hymba Yumba).  It's only a 45min drive from home, but unfortunately it is almost a 2 hour bus/train/bus commute. 

  Which brings me to my second item.  I just picked up a 'new' scooter.  I am a bit surprised Barb actually let me get a motorbike.  On the plus side it makes getting to work much easier and it is actually cheaper than public transit. (It's also kinda fun to drive).

  It is a 2007 Eagle-Wing  Power Max 50.  I love the fact that a 50cc scooter is "Power Max".  It keeps up with traffic quite well and can be driven with just a regular car license. On the flat it will hit 65-70 km/h, but on steep hill the speed drops down to 35-40.  I got it for $1000 and spent almost 1/4 of that on a helmet and gloves.

  Today also seems my day to be losing things.  I left my sunglasses on the train when I went to pick up the scooter.  Then on the way back I lost my cell phone somewhere between Chermside & Wynnum.  I back tracked part of the way to look for it, but I think it is gone for good.

  As luck would have it I at least have a spare phone.  Just last week Optus was having a deal where you can get a Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S for a two contract of $59.  I already pay $49 for my current phone plan so that worked out to be only $240 more.  I've wanted to get a tablet for a while now, but we didn't really have the extra cash to spend something that is just a toy.  I was planning on keeping the Tab and then selling the 'S'.  As long as I could get $240 for the phone, I would be getting a free tablet.  Now that my old HTC HD2 is no more, I now have a Galaxy S.

  And finally, as I write this my mother is in the Grande Prairie airport waiting to board an AirCanada flight to Calgary, then Los Angeles, and finally Brisbane.  She will be visiting for a month.  It will be good to see her, plus she is bring 'real' marshmallows and ice tea mix among other goodies :-).

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