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05 September 2011

Maggie Season

Well, spring is here. Which also means magpie mating season is here too. The magpies here can get a little aggressive. They will swoop and clack their beaks. People have been attacked and had eardrums perforated and faces lacerated.(Remember how everything in Australia is trying to kill you?) This is an official warning sign about them. I've seen the same sign near Southside Education where I work and at Windsor Road Baptist where we go to church.
It should be noted that although they share the name "magpie" with North American and European magpie, they aren't related to them at all.
If you want to have a look or listen, try this link:

This is a video outlining the amazing things Aussies actually do to their bike helmets to avoid attacks!

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  1. Reminds me of reading the NZ comic strip "Footrot Flats" as a kid. It was always a running gag about the magpies attacking.

  2. Growing up we used to have sparrows nesting near the house that would dive-attack as well.