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08 March 2012


verb. pro·cras·ti·baked, pro·cras·ti·bak·ing, pro·cras·ti·bakes

To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness and choosing to utilize your time making baked goods.
To indulge in the art of baking delicious and delectable treats rather than studying/homeworking/finishing work/cleaning.

Exam time is here again.  I have just finished my Medical Specialties (or "Med Spec") block, and the exam is tomorrow.  THE HOUSE SMELLS AMAZING. Why? Because the more imminent the doom, the less motivation to study, and the more likely tasty baked goods will be produced.  It is actually a common phenomenon among students of all genres.  But I think students with some background in chemistry are particularly good at conducting reactions that involve flour and/or chocolate. There is an excellent blog dedicated to this art:, and of course, a facebook page. 

Tonight's delight is banana chocolate chip muffins (made from local produce. It's still weird to think I live in a place that grows bananas). And Lord, it's hard to be humble when they're perfect in every way!

My last 8 weeks have been divided between Oncology and Obstetric Medicine. Both have been very useful and interesting, sad and happy. I had the chance to explain scans to patients and inform them that treatment was working, and the chance to break the bad news that we were out of medical options available, and they needed to sort their affairs sooner rather than later. I also got to run my own room in clinic for women dealing with thyroid issues, gestational diabetes and other medical problems that can complicate pregnancy.  We lost two babies while I was with that team. It was encouraging to see the support that can be activated for these families in that shattering time. I was very lucky to have a registrar who is an excellent teacher and clinician. So now I just have to get past a 50 MCQ exam. Then a week's holiday before Surgical Specialties.

P.S. So, is this procrastablogging, then?

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  1. Procrastibaking AND procrastibloging. LOVE it! You make me smile.