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18 March 2012

Weekend Getaway

  Last weekend, Barb & I had a little getaway to the the Currumbin Valley Hinterland. Barb just finished her Specialization 1 rotation and wanted to take a break. She got a very lovely deal from Living Social for a B&B.
  We down to Gold Coast on Saturday afternoon. We stopped for lunch a the famous Yatala Pie Shop.It was good, but didn't quite live up to the hype.  Saturday night we went to the Springbrook Glow Worms Research Centre.  It was quite interesting to see.  The gentleman who gave us the tour is doing self-funded research in to bio-luminescent creatures native to Queensland.  He has a collection of glowing mushrooms, plus there is a colony of glow worms on the property.  He did tell the best stories.
  Sunday morning we slept in.  In the afternoon we down to the Currumbin Rock Pools.  We enjoyed splashing around in the water and watching teenagers jumping in.  (See my video of the day).  We also had a lovely walk around the National Park. 

  Monday we did nothing at all.  We just stayed in, listened to the Kookaburras sing and read.  Very relaxing.

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