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11 June 2012

In Praise of Used Stuff.

Yesterday Rob and I went to the Brisbane Bookfest.  The rule was don't buy more than you can carry.
Fun was had by all, and I was reminded how eclectic my taste in music is (The Carpenters, Big Band music of the '40's, Destiny's Child, Best of Beethoven, Dance Mix, City on a Hill). The best part was getting CDs at a tenth of the retail price. Or finding a 1910 translation of "the Imitation of Christ" by Thomas A Kempis.
The money goes to support the Lifeline charity, and we get new books to read. YAY!

But I have become a used item shopper on a wider scale in the last couple years.  Not just because my "perpetual student" budget demands it, but often you can find real gems at thrift stores (or "Op shops" as they're called in Oz) I have managed to shrink about 8 sizes over the last year, and I have found that op shopping is the best way to deal with the transitions. As I undergrow something, if it's still in good shape, I can donate it back.  Our car is second hand, as is the kitchen table set.  I am becoming increasingly intolerant of paying "new" sticker price.

Major exceptions are of course underwear and swimwear. New or none in that category. 

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  1. I'm glad you don't buy used undies. - annie g