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25 June 2012

Stanthorpe is one of our favoritest places!

I am currently doing my Obstetrics and Gynecology block at Toowoomba base Hospital, about 2 hours drive west of Brisbane.  I am very much enjoying it.  One of the great things about being here is that I am that much closer to Stanthorpe, which has become a favourite destination for Rob and I. Stanthorpe has the record of being the coldest place in Queensland, and can easily dip into the minus figures during winter season (which the locals have renamed "Brass Monkey season")  It also has some of the best fruit, wine and cheese in Queensland.  Rob managed to come out for the weekend, so we took a day trip out.

First stop was Sutton's apple orchard and cidery, to have their amazing apple pie for breakfast (Sometimes being an adult is awesome).  Then, because the main apple picking season had ended, we could head out to the orchard and pick a bag of tree ripened apples.  The price was a donation to the local carer's association.  These apples are the most apple-y smelling and tasting fruit you've ever had.  They've never seen the inside of a truck, and go straight from tree to mouth. Yum!
Next stop was the Granite Belt Dairy to sample their cheese and pick up some for the way home. Our favourite is a variety called Thulimba, almost like a butter cheese. They also make a "Brass Monkey Blue", but Rob is not a fan of blue cheese (he says it's the crunchy bits that throw him off it)
Then we headed over to Ballandean Estate Winery. We first encountered the place when we came with TROHPIQ (rural health club from UQ). We were supposed to go to the races, but they had been rained out. Quick as a wink, our host, Dr. Dan Halliday arranged a winery tour instead. We saw and tasted at about 4 wineries, and Ballandean has brought us back over and over since then.  They have a lovely shop filled with local gourmet goodies, and a chance to taste their lovely wines.  I also love the Barrel Room Cafe.  The barrels, which are still filled with aging port, were originally imported early last century from Germany.  The food is such a delight! I had a seafood creation and Rob had cannelloni filled with beef stripthat fell apart with a fork.  Sooooo good.
Of course, no trip to Stanthorpe is complete without a stop at the Bramble Patch for fresh ice cream and fruit and the Quart Pot Bakery for pies to take home.  We made one last stop at a fruit stand to pick up pears and yet more apples.  It was a lovely day!

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  1. Thanks so much for the information, we are heading out there very soon and will certainly try and fit in the places you have recommended. So looking forward to Suttons Apple Orchard after seeing them on our Great South East TV show..