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27 August 2012

The misfortune of being born in Canada

Now, really. Being born a Canadian citizen is like hitting the lottery jackpot.   I have blessings I don't even recognize by starting out there.  However, it has made life difficult when it comes to having a job once my degree is finished.  In Australia, students graduate and become interns for the next year. During this time they are the ward grunts and try and learn as much as possible by doing.  At the end of this year, they receive their full licensing as doctors in Australia and can pursue fellowship training. In order to get one of these intern jobs, you apply by state to the intern recruitment program.  Very reasonably, the states give priority to Australian students who have trained in that state (they are called "P1") Next in line are Australians trained in other states. I am a "P4".  There are not many below my priority status (Non-Australians trained in non-Australian schools).  When the jobs were handed out, I was one of the many Canadians studying medicine at UQ who did NOT receive a call. This is not dependent on merit or marks of ANY KIND. I was simply born in the wrong place.  And it's unluck of the draw. I am doing my best to keep calm and  carry on, but sometimes I feel like this:

I have to remind myself that God has a plan. It's a good plan. And by hook or crook, things will work out OK.  We just don't know what OK looks like yet, or where. There are so many people cheering and praying. I am the most fortunate unlucky person ever.
So I call all 15 hospitals in QLD pretty much everyday to see if anything has changed. And make sure they don't forget me.  Apparently a spot opened up at one of the hospitals. But they won't give it to me, they are pulling a P1 from somewhere else to fill it. Tearing hair out now. NNNGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!
 I have also just started the CaRMS process, which is how I would return to Canada.  In the Canadian system, there is no intern year. A student goes straight from the degree program to fellowship training (which is how a doctor becomes a Dermatologist, GP, Obstetrician or whatever).  I've already written the first exam ($1600.00) and registered ($300.00) with the program. I will not find out anything until February/March when interviews are conducted.
It's just difficult to concentrate on my studies (Paediatrics at the moment) when there is nothing at the end. And a six figure debt that needs paying off.  Oh dear. I have just drained the dregs of my student line of credit paying my final semester tuition. It may be a bumpy ride to the finish line. But we'll get there.  I really hope someone calls me soon with a job.


  1. Barb! Seriously, what a rotten deal...But I know you know that God is getting a super cool placement ready for you....and wherever you end up, it will be a gift from Him. I'm in awe of your accomplishments thus far!

  2. I feel your pain Barb. It is rather unfortunate when they keep saying how they are short of doctors1 Hang on, is UQ not in Australia? So you are a Canadian trained in Autralia right? Praying for you dear. Mumbi