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01 September 2012

Tea Time is Awesome Time

I've noticed some neat-O tea paraphernalia about. It makes me miss our favourite place for tea, Glenn's Tea House on the QE2 Highway between Edmonton and Calgary. They have over 200 types of tea! They also serve these awesome sugar cookies with tea in them. So good.
 It 's right on Gasoline Alley.  If you haven't tried it, you should.  And if you haven't been in a while, go for us, eh?


Robot Tea

Sea Diving tea

No matter what you do, you'll never be as relaxed as this guy.

Death Star Tea

"Tea- Rex"

I think I can endorse almost anything with space invaders.

Angel wing tea cookie cutters. Assurance you will always have TWO cookies!


super practical

Not as practical.

Tea shirts

My personal favorite.

Don't mix these up. Tobacco tea would be horrid, methinks.

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