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22 September 2012

The Big News!

On Tuesday, I received a phone call, offering me a JOB FOR NEXT YEAR!!!

 This takes 10 tonnes off my mind, and means that we no longer have to plan for multiple outcomes. WHEW! Thank you, Jesus!
I will be starting work at Mackay Base Hospital January 14, 2013.  My position is that of an intern. (North American med students move directly into fellowship programs, so internships don't happen there)  I will be doing 10 week rotations in medicine, surgery and emergency medicine, plus 2 electives (haven't decided yet).  There is also 5 weeks vacation rostered in!
Mackay is a city of approximately 80,000 that services a population of the wider area of 160,000.  It is 1000 km north of Brisbane, in the Tropic of Capricorn. It is also adjacent to the Great Barrier Reef and several National parks.  It's actually far enough north that we will have saltwater crocs in the river and box jellyfish in the ocean.
Unfortunately that means leaving our amazing church at Windsor Road, and Rob will again have to find a new job, and we will need to find a place that will accommodate our pets.
There are still close to 230 medical students waiting for jobs in Australia upon graduation. If you've been praying for us (and so many have- THANK YOU ALL!) please remember them. A big thank you for all the cheering and support we've received over the last 4 years!
I will happily post more when we know more!


  1. So great to hear! Yay God!

  2. wonderful news :-) when I lived in Cairns I thought it appropriate to take my open water diving ticket, after all the Great Barrier Reef is home of the 10 most deadly sharks in the world, so you really have to do this LOL good luck with the humidity, make sure you get a place with AC.


  3. Really awesome news, you got there, Barb! God is fantastic. He's super amazing! He so loves us! I am a bit teary-eyed here, not for drama mind you, but because I am so happy that God is blessing you (and Rob) heaps and heaps! Isn't He so magnificently provident? (Pardon my maybe inappropriate use of adjectives; it's just that God is beyond any description.) I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Our prayers, yes, our prayers! God loves it when we pray for each other!! Do you remember the motto?

    P-E-R-S-I-S-T .....!!! And keep your eyes on Jesus!

    Rah-rah-rah. (I am doing a somersault for God and His love for you!)

  4. let us know if you'd like some contacts in Mackay, esp to help with accommodation leads -- it's a hard place to find a place ...

  5. Dear Barb and Rob,
    Glad to hear that you have been hired. God bless you 2 as all the other details happen!
    Love you guys!