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13 May 2013


  Just finished work today in Moranbah.  It was one of those days when everything that could go wrong did.  It actually started last Friday.  The customer phoned in at 6 o'clock wanting their machines installed for Monday at 11am.  The machine wasn't ready, so I did the run-up Sunday afternoon.  Found out 8am this morning that it was to be me that was taking the two machines out west (2.5 hrs from Mackay).  Turns out the second machine wasn't ready either.  Dave had to spend more than an hour on it.  While he did that, I ran home to get a change of clothes and a toothbrush just in case I needed to stay overnight.
  Finally I left Mackay at about 10:20.  It turns out the customer thought I was supposed to be out there at 11:00. After all the delays for roadworks I arrived at 1:20, to find out the IT person I was told to expect wasn't there.  In fact, the local office didn't even know I was coming today.
  I continued onward by unloading both the machines.  Set them up on the network and contacted the company's IT.  They did their magic on the server. Turns out their magic wasn't working well.  Something on the server side wasn't working. Now the customer can't print because the new machines aren't set up and the old ones are disconnected.
  This all took until 5pm to sort out.  IT will continue to try tho solve the problem and I'm staying overnight in Moranbah. Tomorrow morning I will go back to do the training and finish off the last of the set up.  The saga continues.....

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