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14 February 2009

Bushfires in Victoria

A few people have asked about the bushfires and if I'm anywhere near them.  No, I am at least a day and a half's hard drive from being anywhere close.  But these people DO need your prayer and support.  Many people have died trying to flee the fires, hospitals have run out of morphine to tend to burn victims' pain, and the land is black.  One car was found incinerated with 6 people inside.  Those that have managed to evacuate are without most basic supplies, as returning to the house usually meant you were added to the death toll.  It is estimated that over 180 have died, 2000 homes are destroyed and 7,000 people are displaced, so far.  What is the most sickening thing about it is that some of the bushfires were delibrately lit, and some were even RE-lit after firefighters had finally gotten an area under control.  So far one man has been arrested.  The Prime Minister describes it as "mass murder".  The fires were aggravated by the recent heat wave (up to 45 dgrees Celcius!) and whipped up by fierce winds.  Looking at pictures of the firefighters working on the blaze, many of them volunteers, I can only imagine how overheated they must be in their coveralls.  Very brave folks.

Donations can be made to your local Red Cross.  Any Aussies can also make blood donations, as they are in a state of critical need for blood for burn victims(especially O neg).   Queensland, on the other hand, is going through some major flooding, especially in the far north and central regions.  Again, Brisbane is not affected.  But let your thoughts be with the ones who are.  Thanks.

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