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11 February 2009

Hurray, boo, hurray

Well this has been an interesting month.

First, the condo is now sold (MLS listing - Agent listing). All the sale conditions are now fulfilled.  The possession date is now March 6th.  Hurray, it's finally sold.

Second, I've had an exciting career changes.  Panasonic decided to close our branch.  Apparently, they decided that wanted to change their business plan and closed Calgary as well.  The last day is February 27th.

But in a twist, the company that is taking over the service has hired me plus three other co-workers.  The pay and benefits will be pretty much the same.  They do know I will be leaving when I get my Australian visa.  I had to agree to a minimum of three months, but I think that is pretty reasonable.  In fact, the new company has been very good about everything.  It seems like it will be a good place to work.  On the plus side it is closer to home. On the downside I have to start work at 8:00 instead of 8:30.  I can hear all you 8 o'clock people saying "SHUT UP", but I will miss that 1/2 hour sleep in the morning.

So in the end this worked out pretty well.  Panasonic is paying a decent severance package, I keep working and I can leave in June if my visa is in.  Not a bad deal.

Talking about June.  Mom & I are planning to head to Australia for about 3 weeks round about June 5th.  Barb has a school break then.  Hopefully Mom will have to fly home by herself.

In completely unrelated news,  I had two fillings come loose.  The dentist glued one back in (with terrible tasting glue).  The other will need to be a crown or implant.  We will see what the insurance people say.

That's about it.  Some days I wish I had a nice quite life.  That's never gonna happen is it?

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