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20 February 2009

If God ever forgives me for moving to Aus, I SWEAR I’ll never do it again!

This week has been cruddy.  I've gotten about $250 worth of parking tickets that I was unaware I had until the "We're about to take you to court" notices started showing up.  My fault, I failed to read the fine print on my residential permit- I can't park in a pay zone. Unfortunately, of the 3 streets I am allowed to park on, none of them has any NON-pay zones.  So I am parking the car in the next suburb over, New Farm, about a kilometer's walk away.  Last Saturday night, the Destroyer was broken into down there, and my camera and GPS power supply were stolen. NUTS!
On Wednesday night, the Destroyer died...AGAIN... but this time in the middle of downtown, in the middle of evening rush hour.  I waited an 40 minutes for a tow truck, and endured varying levels of verbal abuse from my fellow motorists. The car was towed to a garage, and I finally got home at 8 pm.  It is going to cost $350 to fix, as the fuel pump is to blame. DOUBLE NUTS!!
As I was down to $11 in the bank account, I have to dip into my tuition money for next semester. Not good.
The cat has also started having a bloody diahrrea, and needs to see a vet soon.  On top of it all, I am having a worse than average bout of PMS. (yes, you heard me) So everything seems blacker than it already is.  Rob is a zillion miles away, and it's starting to hurt.  And despite biking, walking and swimming, my clothes aren't getting any looser. TRIPLE NUTS!!!Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day - Click Image to Close I refer my dear readers to one of my favorite books as a kid, Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.  The story can be seen at:

On the bright side, the car CAN be fixed (not ready for the scrap yard yet),Rob is coming June 6th, and the house is sold.
God loves me, I'm doing what I've always wanted to do, and it's all going to be OK.  WHEW! Oh, yah.  Brady and I now have ADSL to the flat, which means the Vonage phone ACTUALLY works now. yay!
Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, everybody.

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  1. Awe Barb! I'm having one of those weeks myself. Wish I could reach over and give you a hug. So glad the house has sold!