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19 May 2009


I guess it is about time for a new update.  Barbra Doiron left for Europe for two weeks and I'm house sitting for her.  I also have to give her cat Fido insulin injections twice a day.  So far I have been enjoying having my own place again.

I didn't do much today, but that will be changing.  Tomorrow Peter & I will be drywalling Barb's parent's place.  Over the next two weeks I have to go through the boxes in the basement and decide what things I will be taking to Australia with me when I go in June.  I also have to pack for that trip as well.

Still haven't heard anything from Australian Immigration.  Barb did go to an immigration seminar in Brisbane to find out more information.  She did at least find out that they use the age you apply rather than your current age when they assign points.  Being between 35-39 gives you 5 point and being 40 is zero.

That's right, I'm 40 years old now.  When in the heck did that happen?  High school was only a few years back.  My birthday was on Mother's Day this year.  I went up to Deadwood for the weekend.  I picked up some flowers for Mom in Peace River on the way up.  I also got my Mother-in-law some flowers too.  Rick came by Saturday night after work for supper.  On Sunday, Mom, Cathy & I went to the pancake breakfast at Notiekiwin Hall.  The next few hours of my birthday were spent driving back to Edmonton.   That evening Barbra, Tash, Tom & I went and saw "X-Men Origins: Wolverine".

I enjoyed "Wolverine", but it just didn't compare to "Star Trek" which we saw on Thursday night.   They were able to nail the characters and their interplay, which is what I liked best about the original Star Trek TV shows & books.  The special effects were cool except for the whole bouncy camera thingy.  What wrong with a good SteadiCam?  It was kinda fun that Barb & I saw both movie at about the same time in two very different locations.

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