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20 May 2009

Noah just called, he’s gonna pick me up in 10 minutes….

rain, Rain, RAIN!!! Currently it's raining buckets here. 32mm yesterday, 47 today, and expected 53 mm tomorrow. I am continually surprised at how ineffectual umbrellas are in this weather. And I have a waterfall in my kitchen, coming in from the ceiling because of the downpour. With a small lake on the kitchen floor. Makes me glad I rent, I'd hate to be responsible for fixing it. But waiting for my landlord to arrive means I am missing Clinical Coaching, and we were going to be on the ward, too....poop.
Being wet when I don't plan on it makes me kinda crabby. I waited 1/2 hour for the bus from St.Lucia to home. My shoes are now spongy puddles, and the rest of me required a full change to dry clothes. The bridge at UQ lakes is almost underwater, and will probably not be passable on foot tomorrow.
This week we are discussing kidneys, acid-base balance and urine production. I have never peed so much on the power of suggestion!
And in other news, Rob mailed me a tin of TIM HORTON'S COFFEE and two flavoured CoffeeMates!!!! Have I mentioned how much I love that man? Also included was two running room shirts (make the bike ride to school a lot less soggy from the inside out.)

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